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November 2021

The Memory Museum



If you could preserve one childhood memory,

which memory would you choose?


The Memory Museum is a museum like no other. Instead of being full of artifacts and fossils, it is full of childhood memories. First memories. Warm memories. Memories of Togetherness and Solitude. Memories we want to cherish forever, and those we wish we could leave behind. 


Curated by Georgi Paech, designed by Meg Wilson (Amphibian, Euphoria) and sound design by Antoine Jelk (The Wolves, Strata // Forgiveness), The Memory Museum is a carefully cataloged collection of stories donated by community members who work, study and visit Adelaide City Library. The audio installation, which is woven through the library's shelves, is a celebration and reflection of the emotions, thoughts and milestones that we all experience as we grow up. 


Adelaide City Library

Sunday 14 - Friday 26 Nov

12pm - 5pm

Interviews & Curation - Georgi Paech

Design - Meg Wilson

Sound Design- Antoine Jelk

Technical Design - Lachlan Turner & Aaron Herczeg

Audio Clean Up - Olivia Aquilina

Museum Attendants - Antoine Jelk, Ashton Malcolm & Rebecca Mayo

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This project is supported by:

With thanks to Sandpit



In Development:
The Lost and Found Office

Have you lost something?

An umbrella? A wallet? A loved one? A memory?

The narrative of our lives is often formed by what we lose.

Everyone has lost something at some point in their lives, and lost things find their way to the Lost and Found Office. Using true stories collected via interviews with a diverse melting pot of South Australians, this performance installation explores how the experience of loss shapes us all – from lost people to lost self, lost artefacts to lost futures.

The narrative of our lives is often formed by what we lose.

Read more about our 2020 Adhocracy development here.


Co-creator/ Director - Elizabeth Hay

Co-creator/Interviews & Script - Georgi Paech

Designer - Bianka Kennedy

Lighting & AV Designer - Chris Petridis


Photos by Bianka Kennedy

This project is supported by:

In Development:
The Day of the Epiphany


Where do you belong when everything you've even known is gone?

Louis and Marguerite have been sheltering from the war in the South of France with their Aunt Sophie. The war is over, and their father has come to take them home - a home they barely remember, and a father they haven't seen for five years.


Overwhelmed by the prospect of leaving, Louis discovers a forgotten castle in the middle of the forest. In the topmost tower, there is a princess, asleep. She has been asleep for a very, very long time. Suddenly Louis and Marguerite find themselves in the middle of a story that they think they've read before.


Wandering between the court of Louis XVI, the French Revolution and post-WWII France, The Epiphany explores what is history, what is story and what is reality, and how we find where we belong.

Director - Tim Overton

Playwright - Georgi Paech

Designer - Meg Wilson

Lighting & AV Designer - Chris Petridis

Composer - Harry Covill

Performers -

Antoine Jelk, Ashton Malcolm,

Elizabeth Hay, Rory Walker


Photos by Ramsay Taplin

This project is supported by:

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